About our office

If you have a business and are looking for a lawyer in Antwerp and wide environment, then you have to come to the right place on this website.

Alis Advocaten is the law firm par excellence for the company, manager and entrepeneur with intrests in Flanders.

Our vision

The business world is changing faster and faster and more complex. Customers are becoming more demanding, competition is becoming stronger, legislation is changing and tightening up. Entrepeneurs and manager are increasingly confronted with this.

Our mission

Alis Advocaten continously invests in the development of the skills of its team through recruitment and training, so that it can continue to assure its clients of up-to-date legal specializations that are relevant to the various challenges of business.

Alis Advocaten serves its business clientele by tailor-made and highly qualitive support, so that every entrepeneur or manager can concentrate on his own business, his clients and his ambitious objectives in terms of turnover, profit, personnel development...

The committed team of Alis Advocaten is mainly specialized in civil and commercial law in the broad sense. The legal advice is made understandable and relevant. If other expertise is required, Alis Advocaten uses its expert network, both for legal questions and for other aspects of successful business.

Our values

Alis Advocaten sees itself both as a law firm and a company.

We are independent lawyers. This means that we are free from influence by customers or third parties. We protect our clients from reckless procedures by advising them in a pragmatic manner. We take our position as the first judge very seriously.

Also, the maximum effort in all files is one of our core values. Every client as well as every file is of great importance to Alis Advocaten.

As a company we believe we have a social responsability. Alis Advocaten therefore wishes to conduct ethically responsible business.

Within our company there is room for pluralism and we do not lose sight of sustainable development.

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Alis Advocaten - Wim Smet

Wim Smet

  • Licentiate in Law - V.U. Brussel
  • Lawyer since 2007
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Alis Advocaten - Lieselot Seghers

Lieselot Seghers

  • Master in Law K.U. Leuven
  • Lawyer since 2011
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Alis Advocaten - Jef Van Damme

Jef Van Damme

  • Licentiate in Law - K.U. Leuven
  • Lawyer since 1982
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