"Good appointments make good friends."  Whether it's about:

-              (sub)construction contracts,

-              architectural contracts,

-              (trade) leases,

-              independent cooperation agreements,

-              employment contracts,

-              commercial agency agreements,

-              shareholder agreements,

-              settlement agreements (to terminate a dispute),

-              non-disclosure agreements,

-              loan agreements,

-              (rental) purchase agreements,

-              franchise agreements,

-              …

Alis Advocaten assists you in negotiating the text of the agreement, drawing up the agreement and/or reviewing the agreement.

After all, you prevent a lot of problems by  sufficiently verifying in advance what needs to be agreed upon and recording this in a contract. 

Also pay sufficient attention to the terms and conditions on your invoice or the general terms and conditions on your quotations, website or the back of your invoices: you must adapt these to your working method and activity and you must ensure that they are opposable to your client.  Alis Advocaten can review your existing terms and conditions or draw up new ones to ensure that you are optimally protected.

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