Company law

As an entrepreneur you will sooner or later have to deal with company law. When you take the step to start up a company, this is a necessary evil for many entrepreneurs. The new Companies and Associations Code has created a useful working tool to allow the entrepreneur to organize his business in a creative way. To this end, a new company form has been developed, namely the private limited company (bv) to replace the private limited liability company (bvba), which will become the rule as a company form. The other company forms were either substantially modified or abolished.

Drawing up the articles of association

The new Companies and Associations Code offers many possibilities. Are you an entrepreneur starting up and looking for capital to make his dreams come true? Are you an entrepreneur who is gradually thinking about her retirement and looking for a partner who can take over her business completely within 10 years? Are you an entrepreneur who expects his son to follow in his footsteps someday and wants to make provisions for this right now? Are you an entrepreneur with several children who wants to divide all property rights among them, but wants to keep the management in his own hands for the time being and put it in the hands of one of his children at a later stage? In all these practical examples, entrepreneurs can use the instruments offered by the new Companies and Associations Code in a handy way.

Alis Advocaten is the ideal partner to guide you in the start-up of your company or the transformation of your current company form into one of the new types of company. A large number of applicable rules can be deviated from in the articles of association. We analyse your articles of association for you and guide you in the right choices in order to make your business work optimally in function of where you want to go with your company in the long run.


Director's liability

Being a director of a company or an association is not without risks. Third parties, shareholders, the company or association itself can hold you liable as a director for errors in your management. Alis Advocaten has a wide experience with files for and against directors.

Good agreements make good shareholders

People do not get married too thoughtlessly. Setting up a company with others, on the other hand ... Nevertheless, the financial interests here are often much more far-reaching. Alis Advocaten advises you to enter into a good shareholder agreement and is happy to assist you with that. If you have not thought of a good agreement, we can assist you in a possible dispute, whereby we will invariably first consider a mediation process.

Who knows what will come your way?

In the course of the existence of a company or association, various opportunities and challenges come along the way. A demerger or merger may be appropriate. In other cases, succession is considered.

If there are no successors, a liquidation appears to be the only way forward.

In all these cases, Alis Advocaten is the ideal legal right hand to assist you.

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