Social and labour law

For many entrepreneurs, growth goes hand in hand with staff recruitment. As an entrepreneur, you will inevitably have to deal with social law, which has exploded in recent decades. Social and labour law issues are usually not the favourite pastime of entrepreneurs. For Alis Advocaten they are, regardless of whether it concerns a labour law dispute with an employee or a social law dispute with the social inspectorate.

Labour law

Alis Advocaten has the expertise you need and can assist you in drawing up employment contracts, terms of employment and advise you on pay issues, dismissal, employment regulations, welfare issues or any particularities you may be confronted with.

We try to think along with our clients and come up with workable solutions to concrete challenges.

People management

Companies do not only work with personnel. Alis Advocaten can advise you on any form of cooperation, including cooperation with the self-employed, liability of directors within the company and social security issues such as unemployment, social security contributions, illness, etc.

Social audit: be prepared!

Of course, you do not have to wait until a problem arises. Personnel policy is a dynamic issue. What is 'in order' today, can no longer be so within a year.

That is why Alis Advocaten also offers you a social audit. This way, you are optimally prepared if you are confronted with a visit from the inspection services.

During a social audit, we thoroughly examine your company and detect any labour law problems. We evaluate your social documents, your labour regulations and other regulations (e.g. car policy) for shortcomings and everything related to social law and the employment of staff. This sometimes also reveals opportunities for improvement, such as a better wage policy or the optimisation of personnel administration.

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