Legal audit

From a certain age people regularly have a check-up with their family doctor. There are no complaints, but just to be on the safe side, they want to avoid possible ailments preventively. From the age of 50 it is recommended to do this every five years.

This is a healthy principle that you might want to implement in your company. In five years’ time, a lot changes in legislation, while a large part of your documents or practices do not change. After some time, are you still sure that your company is in full compliance with the law? Perhaps there are changes that will make life more pleasant for you and that can offer you great added value in your company.

Alis Advocaten offers you a legal audit for this. Together with you, we analyse all the legal elements you will be confronted with and draw up a list of all the documents and actions to be examined within your company. You can choose to start the entire audit immediately or to put it into a longer-term subscription formula in which (by way of example) a different part is examined every quarter. In this way, you will continue to pay attention to legal compliance in all areas and costs will be spread to an acceptable level. 

This includes the obligations within company law, the commercial contracts used, the employment regulations, the GDPR compliance, the remuneration, the prevention policy and so on.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us for an appointment. 

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