Legal procedures

Suppose: you are or threaten to be involved in a conflict, then Alis Advocaten will discuss with you what your "legal position" is.

This means that we will analyse for you which legal arguments you can put forward, as well as estimate the counter-arguments of the other party.  In this way, the cost and duration of a procedure can be considered in an informed manner, depending on the result to be achieved. 

Based on this analysis, Alis Advocaten strives, where possible, to resolve the conflict by means of an amicable or mediated agreement. Unfortunately, this is not always feasible. Sometimes the water is just too deep or principles weigh  just too heavily and then legal proceedings have to be instituted. It can also happen that the other party makes the choice for you and you become involved in legal proceedings. We will then first study the chances of an amicable settlement, but the other party must also be willing to go along with it.  If this is not the case, legal proceedings will have to be conducted in court.

A lawyer knows the rules of a legal procedure like no other and the lawyers of Alis Advocaten feel like a fish in the water in court.

If no amicable or mediated agreement could be reached and the analysis of the problem shows that there is a good chance of success and the value of the dispute outweighs the cost and duration of the proceedings, we will guide you step by step through this judicial adventure. Together, we will define a strategy in which we weigh up all the options with a view to achieving maximum success. With passion and fire, Alis Advocaten's lawyers will defend your case and  spell out the arguments before the judge  so that he can pass judgment in all conscience. Whereas a positive result is no guarantee, our maximum commitment certainly is.

Legal proceedings are instituted by summons or petition, after which the parties can present their views in writing on specific dates, before the case is pleaded and considered.   Although it is true that some legal proceedings can take months, a final judgment can also be closer than you think: the duration of the proceedings can also be estimated and discussed to some extent in advance.

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