Legal information

The Economic Law Code imposes on lawyers the obligation to provide certain information. We kindly request clients to take note of the information provided on this web page and also to visit the other pages of this website. The regulations to which lawyers are subject can be found on the website of the Flemish Bar Association.

The lawyers of Alis Advocaten are members of the Antwerp Bar. They have obtained the title of lawyer in Belgium.

The lawyers of Alis Advocaten practice the profession of lawyer as a member of a "grouping" within the meaning of the Regulations of the Order of Flemish Bars of November 8, 2006 concerning partnerships between lawyers and single-person law firms. A Grouping is a partnership of which the members have only contractually laid down how they will organize joint services and share the costs thereof in support of the professional practice of its members.

All lawyers are insured for their professional liability at Amlin Europe NV, Street 22, 2222 City, via Vanbreda Risk & Benefits. The guarantee of this insurance agreement applies to the consequences of acts committed worldwide, for activities that the insured lawyers perform from their office established in Belgium. However, the claims against insured lawyers in the US or Canada, or under the laws or jurisdiction of the US or Canada are not insured. An insurance certificate will be sent upon request.

The lawyers of Alis Advocaten limit their liability to the amount that the professional liability insurer will pay out in the event of a claim. Unless explicitly agreed otherwise, the lawyers of Alis Advocaten are not liable for the services provided by third parties to whom they rely up to the amount that the professional liability insurer will pay out in a claim. They therefore reject liability for the franchise and any higher damage. A client can obtain a copy of the policy upon first request.

Every agreement concluded with a lawyer from Alis Advocaten is subject to Belgian law (without this leading to a referral to another legal system via private international law). For disputes, only the Court of First Instance in Antwerp has jurisdiction.

In case of problems with the lawyer, the client can turn to the Consumer Disputes Attorney's Office, in accordance with the provisions of Book XVI of the Code of Economic Law.